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A Man's Journey With Alzheimer's Disease

Seventeen years ago, my father, a highly intelligent man who had spent the last twenty-five years of his life, researching electronic and laser technology was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. He was 66 years old.

Prior to the diagnosis, there was some light-hearted reference to forgetfulness, but it was mostly attributed to stress or "having a senior moment". By the time the diagnosis was made, he was in Stage V of the Alzheimer's staging process, unable to remember appointments or even previous conversations he had only minutes before. His sentences... read full article
Kathryn Picoulin received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from California State University of Chico in 1978. After working in the medical profession for almost twenty years, she returned to school to study Naturopathy. After receiving her Doctor of Naturopathy in 1994, Kathryn was inspired to study the impact of diet and nutrition on health and illness. She completed a Master of Science and PhD in Nutrition.

The dissertation for her PhD was on Reversing Alzheimer's. It was based on her work in reversing Alzheimer's for her father. She has studied with many gifted healers around the US. The world renowned Hanna Kroeger was one of them.

She holds a certification in Reflexology from the Ingram Method School of Reflexology, a certification in Transformational Healing from the Institute of Transformational Healing and a certification in Natural and Spiritual Healing from the Hanna Kroeger Chapel of Miracles.

Today Kathryn Picoulin runs a highly successful naturopathic practice serving patients throughout the US, Canada, Austria, Norway, Australia, Japan, India, and Poland and provides consultation services to colleagues around the US.

She writes a monthly "Healthline" column for The Colfax Area Express on non-mainstream health issues and has been a guest writer for several other publications discussing controversial health issues.

Her book REVERSING ALZHEIMER'S NATURALLY is an in-depth discussion of the work she had done with her father over ten years ago when he was first diagnosed with Alzheimer's. REVERSING ALZHEIMER'S NATURALLY is now in it's second edition. She travels around the US giving lectures on her work with Alzheimer's patients.

She has spoken at The First World Conference of Nutrition and Vitamin Therapy held in New York (1998) and at The Second World Conference of Nutrition and Vitamin Therapy at the Civic Auditorium in San Francisco (2000); for The Association of Specialized Kiniseologists of the US Annual Conference in San Francisco; for The BioEnergetic Lyceum in Atlanta, Georgia; for The Healer's Who Share Conference in Colorado. Dr. Picoulin is currently presenting seminars, lectures, workshops and.... read more of Kathryn's Biography.

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